21km – Buzet to Minjera OR Oprtalj to Buzet
Day 2

Ilija told us that although the day was only 21km, it was the hardest stretch and the heat being what it was he advised that we not try to do it.
I’d lost my nerve after yesterday and was adamant I wasn’t going to head out and risk maybe getting sunstroke. I was happy for the others to head out and attempt the walk, but the consensus was we all do it or not. Sharon’s take was, we had already missed the 92km target, so may as well enjoy our environment and explore the town.
Determined to at least to do some walking, we got up early and went for an hour walk around Motovun before breakfast.
CaJaKaSh CaJaKaSh
Early morning walk. Enjoying the view
View from the top in Motovun
Serious parking skills!

I booked for a hot rock massage, the best I’ve ever experienced, and the others did some more exploring and shopping around Motovun.

12h30 we were picked up at the bottom of the village hill and transported to Buzet. Another hilltop village with a modern town at the bottom, many, many stairs away.
Mural in the town

Hotel Vela Vrata in Buzet was supposedly the best hotel for the week.
The staff weren’t particularly friendly and we weren’t overly impressed but once again enjoyed the pleasures of an indoor swimming pool.
After we’d cooled off we took a walk down the hill into town in search of somewhere to eat. Ended up going to a supermarket, bought bread, cold meat, cream cheese and tuna and picnicked in a small square.
Picnic Picnic
Picnic fun!

We couldn’t face walking back up the hill so we took a taxi – 50 Kuna (R100). Well worth it!

Next-door to the hotel was a small Information Office. The youngster on duty kindly, Maté, all of 16 years old, let us use their computer to download some photos. His English was very good. I assumed from school. A little he said, but most of it from watching TV and playing video games!

We treated ourselves to supper at the hotel, but agreed it would be costly to do so again the following night.
Photo op