24km – Buzet to Kolti to Hum
Day 4 Day 4

Building on the lessons we’d learnt we agreed to get an early start, 5am. The hotel packed a picnic lunch for us and off we went. It was great to be out in cool air before the sun rose. What was even better was that for most of the morning we were either walking in the shade of trees or in the shadow of a hill. What wasn’t so great was that we took a wrong turn and soon realized we were heading back to the hotel!
Spot the sign!
Wrong Way Wrong Way Wrong Way
Another banner photo op.
Wrong Way Wrong Way

A hiker heading towards us confirmed that we should’ve headed in the opposite direction. On the plus side, if we hadn’t taken the wrong turn we wouldn’t have seen the most amazing rock formations.
U-Turn U-Turn
Retracing our steps.

We trekked back and found the right path. Our options for the day were:
Head to Kotli and depending on how we felt continue to Hum ,
Get a lift to Hum. Our driver would meet us at Hum to take us back to Buzet.
The walk to Kotli was quite pleasant but again uncertainty set in as to whether we were on the right track.
Kotli Kotli
Kotli Kotli

We reached Kotli and the anticipated coffee and chill time at a restaurant was squashed when we realized the restaurant was up for sale and not operating.
Once again we were amazed by the kindness of complete strangers. First a lady in a house closest to the restaurant made us coffee.
Carol went on a recce of the village and came back beaming with good news. She met a Dutch family holidaying in a cottage, and the father, Menno, had agreed to give us a lift to Hum. He removed the kiddie cars seats from the car and we all piled in. I should mention that he was 2.3m tall so there was only one person who could sit behind him, Janet.
Picnic Picnic

We got lost trying to find Hum but eventually got there. He accepted our offer of a drink and sat and chatted to us for a while. He was extremely chuffed at having discovered Hum and was keen to bring his wife back later for supper.
Hum is the smallest town in the world. In a 2001 census, it was recorded as having population of 17! More recently that number has gone up to 23.
We explored and shopped in Hum until our driver arrived to take us back to Buzet.
Hum Hum Hum Hum

Back in Buzet, an excursion to find a supermarket led us to a tiny store around the corner. So supper was a selection of biscuits, cream cheese and Catemba (red wine and coke). The wine was cheap and nasty so mixing it with coke was the only option.
Photo op Photo op