11km – Poklov to Vojak to Lovran
Day 4 Day 4

Our last and final day of walking. Once again we had two choices:
Walk from Poklov to Vojak and then maybe on to Lovran.
OR Do a shorter route starting at a waterfall and walking along the coastline from Medveja to Lovran.
We all agreed we wanted to get to Vojak, the highest peak in Istria.
Once again we set off with enthusiasm. The walk is through trees and shade, BUT, it’s steep and constant climbing.
Up & Up Up & Up Up & Up

Luckily an old gent at the drop off said that we could always rather walk along the road. The actual path cuts across the road which winds all the way to the top. The very first time we intersected the road we agreed to follow the road. The route through the trees was just too hard. The road was easier walking, but a constant incline. 6km to the top.
We started at 922m and finished at 1400m at the top of the tower.
Carol setting up for yet another shot.

It was awesome to finally reach the summit. We had done it! Maybe not the full 92km, we only managed 55km, but we were proud of what we’d achieved.
Carol the ever optimist amongst us was keen to try walk from Vojak down to Lovran. I was done. I was disappointed that I hadn’t managed the full 92km, but I was chuffed that I had managed what I had.
Vojak Vojak
Four pairs of very tired feet!

We were taxied down to Lovran Hotel Park, our final destination.
We were too early for check-in so we enjoyed the cool of the bar area and proceeded to lie on the floor to take this artsy photo.
The hotel owner walked past, saw us lying on the floor and asked the waitress to send us out to join him on the patio. His name was Tony and he happily told us his life story. He’d bought the hotel on auction and it was a family run business. He even bought us lunch and a glass of wine. The rest of the day was spent walking around the town and beaches. Not beaches as we know them, pebble beaches. A boat trip sounded appealing, but we decided to leave it for the next night.
Photo op