Janet's Story

For me the seed was planted when I saw the excitement and fun Sharon had leading up to her Scotland walk. It was a dream and I never expected it to become a reality. I was a stay-at-home-granny looking after a grandchild and earning very little. But, I had about half of what I needed so booked my ticket in faith and figured I could always wash cars or do some extra sewing to make up the balance. I joked about wanting a school job so I could have school holidays and before I knew what had happened I had an interview and got the job at a school very close to home. Soon I was earning my fare and spending money and was part of the excitement in preparing for the Croatia trip.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, I spent 4 days in queues outside the department of Home Affairs but was eventually the proud owner of a South African passport (an EU Passport would’ve been jackpot!) The next part was the painful process of applying for a VISA.

Besides the fun and excitement the trip stirred up, it became a personal challenge to up my fitness levels, knowing that I’d be contributing to a worthy cause. Every penny I managed to raise from donations or sponsors went towards making a difference in a less privileged child’s life. That’s something I feel good and proud of.